Not just an app.
A marketing technology platform.

Indtech has created a new mobile marketing technology platform platform that changes how discount and coupon programs reach new customers, increase sales and gain analytic access to their customers.

Eliminate the time, cost and headaches of creating your own smart-phone app from scratch.  Start with our white-labeled software and customize the app completely to make it your own. 

All colors, images and text is completely customizable to fit the needs of your program, so the app you get doesn’t look like a plug-and-play app.  This app is completely yours and will have your look and feel.  

Apps = Advantages That Matter

Proximity = Increased Value

Phones are always near your customer, so your coupons are never left at home and always ready to use, increasing the value of your program for your customers.

Research shows that on average people check their phones every six minutes.  That means your discount program is always nearby.

In-Person Sales Are Easy

Are in-person sales vital to your program? Simply sell certificates with activation codes. Customers download/activate later and you eliminate book logistics.

Moving to an app doesn’t need to change your sales method.  Just a list of participants and it may even be easier to put something into a customers hand.

Save $ With No Print Costs

By eliminating print costs, some discount programs pay for the app in year one and keep the difference as profit in following years.

Not only print costs, think of the time and money you will save by eliminating typesetting and layout.

Eliminate Inventory

How many books do you order? How many do you throw away? Apps are infinitely scalable and don’t require inventory or storage space.

Not only do you eliminate inventory, you eliminate the need to package, address and ship books.

Supplement Your Book

Have customers who don’t want to use an app? No problem. Use the app and your book to gain new customers who won’t purchase a book.

Certainly there are some great customers who don’t want an app.  If so that’s fine.  Apps work well in tandem with printed books.

Apps Are Editable

Have a participating business close their doors? Simply remove them from the app database with a few clicks and you are current.

Likewise, you can easily add new businesses who didn’t make the print deadline.  No more lost revenue due to missed deadlines.

Features and Screenshots

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